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This private residence is located on a 2-acre site near Little Peconic Bay in Southampton, NY. The 2-story house is roughly 3,700 sf in size and consists of 4 private bedrooms stacked above an expansive, open-floor plan living space. Two basic principles informed the overall design: All living spaces should have maximum exposure to natural light, and each interior space should have its own access to exterior space. 

The length of the house stretches from east to west at the edge of an existing meadow to the south. The interior rooms have been distributed along this axis to give each a southern exposure. To maximize the daylight further, each space was given a large, full-height area of glass. The ground level living space contains two bays of full-height glass pocket doors that slide completely into the walls, allowing the space to connect seamlessly with the exterior deck. Exterior balconies cantilever off the bedrooms above.

The interior details and materials are designed to maximize visual transparency while minimizing or concealing functional components wherever. Light coves trace the architecture on the upper and lower levels. Cantilevered glass guardrails surround the stairs and the second floor overlooks. Upper and lower wall reveals replace traditional moldings, emphasizing wall height. 

In this way, the material narrative also follows the stacking narrative. The upper mass is clad in light gray fiber cement panels. The lower mass is clad in a long plank cedar rain screen, which will be left to weather. Over time, the two materials will merge into an increasingly similar palette and be differentiated more subtly by their textures, rather than their colors.

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